Massive 11 Foot Grizzly Killed

Below is the story of an email that I received. I have looked it up and found some conflicting information about the story. Read below:
Massive 11 Foot Grizzly Killed
Two hunters were elk calling in the Saddle Hills County, Canada area when a massive Grizzly Bear came into their elk calls. One of the hunters spotted the grizzly at about eight yards from the other hunter, and killed him with five shots. He killed this monster Grizzly with a 338 Rem Mag.

There had been reports of a huge grizzly killing livestock in the area. It is thought that this was the Grizzly that had killed three horses, five cows, and thirteen sheep in the local farming community. The Fish, Wildlife and Coastal Management in Canada had been trying to trap this Grizzly but were unsuccessful.

The Fish, Wildlife and Coastal Management had caught this bear on game cameras trying to get to the bait in the trap, but when he would try to enter the trap his hump would hit the top of it and when activated it never fully captured him so he was always able to escape. Look at his face in the pictures you can see scar tissue on it from the trap door smashing into it.

Grizzly measured 11 feet and weighed 1300lbs. The Grizzly bear measured out at 11 feet tall and weighed 1300 pounds.

Is the massive Grizzly story true?

I was forwarded this story in an email, and have been trying to find the validity of the story. I found the story on OutdoorLife, check it out here:

I also found some more information leading me to think that this story might actually be fake. On an Alaska Outfitter’s website there is a picture of this bear and it says the bear was 9’9″. Check it out:



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